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Verification of Benefits
Log in to Secure Express Services and gain secure and fast access to your patient's benefit information.

Claim Status
Log in to Secure Express Services to view details on the status of your patient's claim.



Gain fast and secure online access to your patient's benefit and account status information.

Need help submitting a claim?
1.  Acquire a copy of the member's ID card.
2.  Send the original, fully itemized bill to the claims address shown on the member's ID card. To locate the address on the card, see the examples below.

To the right, in red, is
the approximate area
on the member's ID
card where you'll find
the claims address. 

Click image to enlarge.

On the dental ID card (shown below), the claims address is located on the back of the card, not the front.  See the below, highlighted in red.

Click image to enlarge.


> PPO Networks

Find online provider directories, hospitals and healthcare provider listings.

> Prescription Drug and Formulary information

View details on member prescription drug and formulary lists.

> Appeal Procedure
Learn more about the process for appealing a claim.

> Contact Allied

If you need further assistance accessing the information you are looking for, please contact Allied Customer Service.


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